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Before the 2014 state election Daniel Andrews promised to SAVE TAFE. Now he is increasing teaching hours which threatens teacher jobs.

Teachers are the bedrock of our education and training system. Yet three quarters of TAFE teachers have thought about leaving their profession because they are stressed, overworked and can’t get secure jobs.

Right now, the Andrews Government wants to:

  • Increase teaching time, meaning TAFE teachers will have higher workloads and less time to prepare for teaching students, which will undermine the quality of student learning.
  • Slash teacher’s penalty rates.
  • Do nothing about the 75% of TAFE teachers on short term or casual contracts, leaving them stuck in insecure work.

TAFE teachers are being disrespected and it is the students who will miss out.

Tell your local Victorian Government MP to stand up for TAFE.

Enter your postcode to email your local Labor Member of Parliament and tell them not to slash TAFE teachers’ working conditions.

Daniel Andrews will not save TAFE by cutting teacher conditions, increasing workload, slashing penalty rates, and employing teachers on short-term contracts.

The Andrews Government must make sure TAFE teachers have the conditions and salaries that mean they can provide students with quality education and training that successfully prepares them for the workforce.

It’s time for Daniel Andrews and the State Government to deliver on its promise to save TAFE.

We need to show the Andrews Government we value our TAFE teachers. Time is running out and central to the future of Victorian TAFEs is ensuring that teachers have conditions that properly support their work with students.